Different Types of Online Poker Games

Online poker games have a variety of versions. Some of them like qiu qiu online are extremely popular and played across the length and breadth of the globe. However, some of its games are less popular and offered by few select online casinos only. The game can also be played in different formats. Let’s throw light on some variations of online poker.

Cash game and tournament formats

This is perhaps the most basic way to identify online poker game format. The fundamental way of playing remains same in both cash games as well as tournaments, but they are differentiated in the way you win or lose money. When you play cash games, you put a specific amount of money in the pot, and the winner at each hand takes the money collected in the pot. You can leave the game at any point with your winnings. You can also buy more money just in case you have been losing.

The tournament is different. You enter the game with an entry fee and a fixed amount of chips. This remains same for all participating players. The winner of a particular hand wins all the chips that went into the pot. As soon as you lose all your chips, you must bow out of the game. The final sole player left on the table wins the tournament along with entire chips. These can have different variations as well as a different set of rules.

Betting limits

This is another common way to differentiate even the same poker game. This is basically how a player can place a bet, how much bet can be placed and whether he can raise the current takes or even the blind level. Some of the most common betting ways are fixed limit, pot limit, spread limit, cap limit and no limit. You can play with just about anything according to your comfort level.