How you can Solve and stop Pachislo Slot Machine Game Gold coin Jams

Pachislo Gold coin Jam Prevention & Solutions

Square Plastic Black or brown Gold coin Mechanism

1. Turn machine off.

2. Take away the bottom gold coin shield. In some instances the square brown gold coin systems have gold coin shields which are hinged – just lower the gold coin shield. The black versions have detachable gold coin shields. Press in around the right and left to get rid of.

3. The gold coin path is included with a spring loaded area. Look carefully and you may easily begin to see the spring within the photo. Pull the spring loaded area up – it really rises and also to top of the right.

4. Obvious the gold coin together with your finger.

When the gold coin is stuck within the acceptor around the front from the machine and you may view it, try tugging from the front. If it’s lodged in which you either cannot view it or cannot take it off, pull open the spring loaded area and set in another token and push up to push dislodge the gold coin and pull up with the front. Turn the device back on and totally reset as needed.

The more metal versions work exactly the same way as well as possess a spring loaded front.

Stopping Gold coin Jams

Most gold coin jams aren’t caused by issues with your machine but of tokens and grime.

Just about all Pachislos accept .984″ tokens only. Although your tokens may seem to be exactly the same size, a small variation long or width might be enough to result in gold coin jams.

Gold coin systems may become VERY dirty with time. This triggered the tokens to maneuver very gradually with the gold coin path and be stuck within the gold coin mechanism or even the gold coin chute rather than fall under the hopper. Adopt these measures to avoid future gold coin jams:

1. Look for Magnetic Tokens

Prior to using tokens inside your machine operate a magnet them over and take away any magnetic tokens. A number of machines will remove or jam magnetic tokens after which send a mistake code.

2. Check Token Dimensions

Most Pashiclos only accept .984″ tokens. All your tokens may seem to be identical is size, however your machine might be selective. Anything apart from.984″ will end up jammed. Place the tokens in small stacks and find out or no are slightly bigger or thicker than these and take away them.

3. Clean the Tokens

Use Kaboom cleaner. Mix just a little inside a bucket of tepid to warm water. Drop your tokens in and blend them for any couple of minutes. Rinse them and dry them before using. If you are using your machine frequently do that every six several weeks approximately to avoid grime buildup within the gold coin mechanism, gold coin path and hopper.

4. Clean the Mechanism

Getting rid of the mechanism is straightforward. Unplug and take away it and fix it well having a wet wipe, lifting the spring loaded area and cleaning there too. When the metal gold coin path is rusting make use of a sharp knife, screwdriver or exacto knife to get rid of just as much rust as you possibly can and clean the rust having a wipe. When you’re done provide the path a really SMALL squirt of silicone spray, wiping off any excess.

5. Clean the Gold coin Chute and also the Gold coin Acceptor

As the gold coin mechanism has gone out, clean the outdoors gold coin acceptor in which the coins go into the machine. For those who have wet baby wipes use a skinny knife to push a wet wipe lightly in to the gold coin acceptor in the outdoors from the machine and tugging it sleep issues to wash the interior. When you’re satisfied spray one squirt of silicone spray in to the gold coin acceptor, wiping off any excess silicone.