Mimics the Vegas experience

Since early 2000s online casino industry have flourished and adopted latest technology.  Since the platform is digital offered games are limitless. Land based premier casinos offer lush interior and VIP lounge where high roller bettors gamble and enjoy.  Many posh tables for roulette, blackjack and poker are available to this high end clientele. But the pleasure is interrupted by lockdowns imposed by many governments to curb the pandemic.  The alternative to brick and mortar casino is online one, live casino is considered to be the most exciting version. Live casinos are near replica of luxurious resort casinos giving the rich privileged feeling.

More natural

Learn this here now about live casinos and how they perform. There is much similarity between regular online casino and live casino, except in latter games are managed by dealers and the show is live streamed. In online casino random number generator (RNG) determines the result, whereas in live casino the show is unfolded before you much like conventional land based casinos.  The show is more natural and mimics the experience of posh brick and mortar casino. In live casino your opponent is not automated machine but real humans, you will experience the Vegas thrill over here.


The rules of live casinos are much similar to regular digital counterparts. The numerous installed cameras at different angles make the game overwhelming. Slow motion technology is often used to make the live streaming amazing; the flow of roulette ball in the pocket in slow motion gives you a lifetime experience. The live dealer in live casino gives more human touch to the wagering which gives a more realistic experience. Often the dealers are beautiful women, and she deals the card graciously.  The chat feature makes gambling more interactive as you can chat with dealer and other players. This feature becomes more useful if you observe some discrepancies in the game.  Even you can report it to the pit boss who confirms the game is played according to the rules.

Playing in a live casino is more exciting than usual online casinos as you are playing against humans rather than a RNG. The personal touch makes the experience outstanding and realistic. Chit chat with stunning dealer gives you near experience of Vegas; moreover speaking with a gorgeous woman is always alluring. Live casinos like online casinos are compatible with mobile and desktop, so you can gamble while commuting. For live streaming of the games you need not require any software.  The cutting edge technology and human touch gives gambling another dimension.  Through the crystal clear HD live streaming you can watch every aspect of the game.


Learn this here now the disadvantages of live dealer casinos, the technology is new and needs lots of improvement.  Technical glitches are recurring in most live casinos. To have the best experience of live casino you need a steady fast internet connection and a state of art mobile or desktop with proper configuration.  Even with proper gadgets and internet connection you are prone to glitches, this keeps players from registering in live casinos.