Which frequently misplayed blackjack hands are easy to improve?

Winning at blackjack is all about strategy and much research has been done on the systems used by successful players. You can’t rely on luck to get you through a session, so instead, it’s essential to understand more about each hand. The cards can fall in a wide variety of ways and each hand has a statistical probability of success. Knowing which combinations are likely to result in a win and which tend to be less profitable can keep you in the red. We’ve all misplayed hands from time to time, but by sticking to a few fundamental rules, you can level up your game and rely on a steadier stream of wins.

A pair of 9s

Blackjack is one of the most enjoyable table games to play, but over the years, some misplayed hands have become more commonplace than others. One of the most frequent misplays involves players having a pair of 9s and standing when the dealer has a 9. This is done out of instinct mainly, as the player is concentrating on their dealer’s hard 18. However, it’s always best to split, as a 9 has better odds of winning individually compared to the pair.

A hard 16 and a dealer’s 10

When a hand adds up to 16 and has no aces, or an ace that has a value of one, it’s known as a hard 16. If this is what you’re dealt and you then choose to stand against a dealer’s 10, you’re unlikely to succeed. Unfortunately, this deal puts you in a losing position, so to stand will only make matters worse. You’ll have to sacrifice a percentage of the initial wager, but your losses will be even higher if you try to keep going.

A pair of 8s against the dealers 10

Unlike a hard 16, a pair of 8s represents a chance for victory. However, many players interpret this hand as a losing one and choose to stand. A better approach is to split the pair and start with one of the 8s, a statistically better hand that puts the odds in their favor. Understanding the difference between a pair of 8s and a hard 16 comes with experience. To practice your game in a secure, fair and fun environment, head to the best NJ online casino. Here you can test numerous versions of blackjack and be in with a chance of winning big through one of the casino’s regular promotions.

Will insurance provide better odds?

Placing a bet on the side in case a dealer has a natural blackjack is often not worth the money. The odds are only rarely in favor of the dealer and to spot those times, you’d need to be an expert card counter. Moreover, as many dealers use multiple decks, the chances of a 10-value card appearing after an ace are even lower. So, forget your insurance bet and concentrate on playing each hand in the best possible way.